How long does it take for students to improve their English?

At ELT Support, we’re often asked how long it takes students to reach the level of English language proficiency they need for a particular purpose, such as further study. The answer depends of course on many factors, such as how much time the person has for study, how much natural aptitude they have for language […]

What’s the difference between CRICOS and NEAS?


CRICOS Australian education institutions must be registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) if they intend to deliver ELICOS courses to students on a Student Visa. To do this, they must meet the requirements of: the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act); and the National Code […]

How long should the courses be?

Progress through the levels will depend on an individual student’s aptitude for language learning and dedication to their studies, but a conscientious student may spend roughly twelve weeks at each level, sometimes as little as ten. Interested? Contact us on  0403 791 238  or  to discuss how we can help you set up an […]

What levels should I offer?

Many ELICOS colleges have more than one course running at the same time, and these may be at different levels. There is a set of names used in ELT around the world to describe proficiency levels from Beginner (lowest) to Advanced (highest). Sometimes, additional levels are created between these. Generally, a student at the Elementary […]

What courses should I run?

First of all, you need to consider the type of student you would like to attract, why they’re coming to Australia, and if they have any future study plans. This will inform the types of courses you will offer, and the levels of language proficiency you can teach to. Here is a summary of the […]

What do I need to know to get started in ELICOS?

ELT Support has worked with existing RTOs, schools, and other organisations, as well as new start-ups, to establish ELICOS colleges. This page is designed to help you decide if you would like to set up an ELICOS operation. This is general information only please contact us on 0403 791 238 or to discuss your particular situation.

Innovation in a small ELICOS college

Innovation in a small ELICOS college When this private college secured funding under the Australian Strategy for International Education 2021-2030, it contacted ELT Support to develop online resources that could be accessed independently by supervised students to supplement its EAP course. ELT Support worked with the college’s project manager to develop materials to assist students […]

Adding an ELICOS pathway to a higher education provider

ELT Support Study together

Adding an ELICOS pathway to a higher education provider For this client, an established private higher education provider in Sydney, ELT Support provided a three-level 30-week EAP course to enable intending students to reach the required English proficiency level to enter and successfully complete degree courses at the college. ELT Support provided documentation the college […]

Large EAP curriculum renewal project

Large EAP curriculum renewal project ELT Support was asked to manage the renewal of the course curriculum for a major university ELICOS centre in Sydney. The course, for delivery via a learning management system, comprised five levels of English for Academic Purposes giving successful students entry to the university’s foundation and higher education courses, depending […]