Materials writing and learning design

  • Are you a publisher looking for creative and experienced materials writers?
  • Would you like original, custom-made materials to enhance learning outcomes for a specific course at your college?

You have come to the right place! ELT Support staff are highly regarded in this area. Our Principal Consultant, David Hill, is a respected published author of coursebooks in EAP and exam preparation, and other team members have experience writing materials for publication.

If your organisation has the resources to really give your college a competitive edge, talk to us about designing learning materials that are tailored to your particular context and curriculum. In keeping with principles of learning design, we put the learner first to plan and prepare engaging interactive lessons that aid in achieving outcomes in all skill areas for delivery via your learning management system.

ELT Support understands from long experience the processes that result in quality learning materials for publication in book form as well as online. We will happily apply them to your project to ensure a professional result.

Phone us on 0403 791 238 or to discuss how we can use our expertise and experience to design learning materials that are right for you.

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