• Are you confused by the different ELICOS regulations and standards your college must comply with?
  • Would you like to know if you’re on the right track with your compliance?

Australia has the highest level of protection for its international students in the world. This is excellent for our students and serves to make Australia an attractive study destination, but the regulation requirements can be daunting for new and experienced providers alike.

We have detailed understanding of the standards and regulations that apply to ELICOS. Your college must be registered on CRICOS, along with any course you offer to students on a Student Visa. You can also apply to become a member of NEAS, which provides quality assurance for ELICOS providers. See detailed information on CRICOS & NEAS in Information.

ELT Support can assist with up-to-date advice and documentation you may require for any ELICOS compliance process. We have worked with colleges, schools and RTOs large and small to ensure that their CRICOS and NEAS policies, procedures, practices and record keeping are in line with requirements. We have an excellent track record of client documentation passing through these processes smoothly.

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